DLT-Lab is a research team at the Reutlingen university joining different competences from  electrical engineering to big data management or development of business models. With the objecrtive of performing applied research in the field of distributed ledger technologies (DLT).


The interest in the subject of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), for example Blockchain, has grown exponentially. This reflects on the increasing media coverage as well as the growing number of inquiries from the industry.

Due to the still young technology and lack of experience, the industry hesitates to make larger investments in connection with the topic DLT. At the same time, the development of the technology and the realization of projects in several areas are accelerating, leading to an increasing uncertainty among the industry.


The Distributed Ledger Technologies Laboratory at Reutlingen University is a cooperation of several departments to combine and expand the University’s expertise in this field, advancing applied research for the industry, as well as complementing our teaching curricula.

The research aim is the development and testing of novel DLT processes in various fields, from integration from renewable energies to optimization of industry 4.0 processes.

Neue Kompetenzen

The Distributed Ledger Technology Laboratory also promotes the development of new skills for professors, staff and students at the Reutlingen University. Examples of these new competences are:

  • Programming with new languages ​​– for example Solidity related to the Ethereum Blockchain for Smart Contracts
  • Use of Blockchainless Directed Acyclic Graph Technology, for example Tangle
  • Experimenting with the coupling of various Distributed Ledger technologies, for example Ethereum for smart contracts and Tangle for control of processes
  • Learning Agent-Based Control in conjunction with distributed ledger technologies

Inter-faculty cooperation

There are currently five areas of application within the scope of the university activities, involving different faculties, where DLT laboratory is active.

An important focus on the energy industry

DLT-Lab has been active from the beginning in the application of distributed ledger technologies within the energy industry and at the moment this is one of the main working areas.

In this area, the research effort is mainly on:

  • Automation of processes by means of smart contracts
  • Distributed control strategies for microgrids (off-grid and on-grid)
  • Resource management